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Sibelius Tutorials and Training

Tips and tutorials to help you learn how to use music notation software program Sibelius.

Online course: Speedy Arranging with Sibelius - learn how to scan music, import MIDI files the best way (including tips for cleaning them up quickly!) and working quickly and effectively to get arrangements done fast www.midnightmusic...

Speedy Arranging with Sibelius Online Course | Midnight Music

Sibelius Basics Online Course - learn how to get started with Sibelius the right way. Perfect for beginners or for those with a few holes in their knowledge! www.midnightmusic...

Sibelius Basics Online Training Course | Midnight Music

Create Real Book-style lead sheets in Sibelius or Finale

Tutorial video: How to create short pieces on a single page in Sibelius

Rounding-up metronome markings when you've imported a MIDI file into Sibelius

Sibelius plugin: Merge to Voice 1. Useful when tidying up MIDI files!

How to save your Sibelius score and/or parts as a PDF

Sibelius Tips for Kodály Teachers - learn how to create stick notation, Zaa, add automatic solfa and more using Sibelius. www.midnightmusic...

Tutorial: create custom line shapes using font characters in Sibelius

Tutorial covering how to create large time signatures and how to tackle some layout issues.

Try the entire Sibelius 7 Music Notation Essentials course (by Sibelius expert James Humberstone) for FREE. Click through to James's website and follow his instructions underneath the video.

Sibelius resources by James Humberstone

Place a graphic on the first page of all the parts in Sibelius

Sibelius Tutorial by John Hinchey: Working with Large Scores Part 3: Extra staves, now you see them now you don’t!

Sibelius Tutorial by John Hinchey: Working with large scores part 1 - Focus Family Plug-ins

How To Use The Sibelius Ideas Panel (free download #3) www.midnightmusic...

Best Time-Saving Sibelius Shortcuts (free download #2)

Best Time-Saving Sibelius Shortcuts | Midnight Music

Quick Guide to Sibelius Note Entry (free download #1) from www.midnightmusic...

Video tutorial: dynamics "101" in Sibelius.

Video tutorial that shows you how to install and use plug-ins in Sibelius 7

Sibelius tutorial: how to create intervals-style worksheet questions www.midnightmusic...

Sibelius 7 Music Notation Essentials - the digital version (iOS device). Complete intro to Sibelius 7

Sibelius Music Notation Essentials - the hard copy version. Complete intro to Sibelius 7 by James Humberstone. Includes 31 excellent tutorial videos