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hilarious game - relay race while participants hold binoculars to their eyes!!

Best Reception Ever?!

8 Immature Games That Help You Connect With Your Children

Each has "To Grade" on one side, then "Graded" on the other, so all I have to do is flip it over and clip it back on. I can also use these in my hanging file box to clip on the front of the folder if I store them that way. DIY - Teaching idea...organizing school papers.

Clothespins How-To - Teaching Portfolio of Stephanie Filardo

Types of wood joints. I might need this one day.

Power Tool Woodworking for Everyone Online Overarm Pin Router

Watch the heart movie! The main page will also take you to more info.. you can view nervous system, learn about health issues and there are printable worksheets to go with lessons.

Banquet Centerpiece Ideas | Chicken feeder filled with M as a banquet centerpiece | FFA Ideas

Activity, "How Bees Collect Nectar with Their Proboscis & Release it Into the Cells of the Hive" - lots of other bee related activities, too Activities for Apologia Flying Creatures #homeschool

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Horse digestive system and digestive process well explained and animated.

Important facts about your dog's body /.,.\ Info to help keep the furry ones happy & healthy.

Magic School Bus- egg & chick development!

1961 Lego Patent by G.K. Christiansen

Oh Chemist Tree, Oh Chemist Treeeee

Interesting way to have students self evaluate themselves with exit tickets

cell organelle worksheet

Eat a doughnut off a ribbon hanging in the air, the kids would get a kick out of this!

REALLY?! McGraw-Hill Public Speaking iPhone App