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jeannepompadour: Portrait of Anna Jagiellonka, Queen of Poland in her coronation robes by Martin Kober, 1576

fripperiesandfobs: Diane de Poitiers ca. 1550 After Francois Clouet

1560 - Portrait of a Lady, perhaps Contessa Lucia Albani Avogadro - Giovanni Battista Moroni - such an elegant cut

about 1505 Lady with a Unicorn Raphael Oil on panel, 65 x 51 cm Rome, Galleria Borghese

Female portrait, by school of Alessandro Bonvicino known as Moretto da Brescia, 16th century

Cockatrice: Extant Dresses in Pisa: Updates on sewing and construction techniques from the Costume Colloquium 2008, Florence.

PORTRAIT OF AN UNKNOWN LADY, 16th century, English [No 49] in the Short Lobby at Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire

Image details | National Trust Images

Supporttases and ruff, beginning of 17th century, Bayer National Museum, Munich

Extant details - Acessories, Supporttases and ruff

young woman from the Baroque Era. Beautiful, delicate drawing by unknown artist

PORTRAIT OF THE HON. DOROTHY LATIMER (1549-1608), WIFE OF THOMAS CECIL, LATER 1ST EARL OF EXETER, HOLDING A PENDANT DEPICTING PERSEUS: inscribed upper left on a cartelino: ‘Dorothy Latimer wife to Thomas / Earl of Exeter Great Grandmother / to Diana Countefse of Ailesbury’: John Bettes the Younger

In Fine Style: The Art of Tudor and Stuart Fashion Edinburgh 1625-1635

Portrait of a Moravian Woman, attributed to Pieter Pietersz the Younger, looks about 1570s-80s.

Elizabeth Manners, Countess of Rutland, in a masquerade costume designed by Inigo Jones by  John de Critz the Elder,1606

Reinette: Masquerades,Carnivals and Disguises

Lavinia Fontana, Lady of Bolognia Check out the sleeves just fabulous!

SOFONISBA ANGUISSOLA (C. 1532 – 1625) An Unknown Noblewoman. Museo Immaginario Arti senza Tempo. Tentatively categorizing this as Spanish. May be Italian.

Mary Dudley (1531-August 9, 1586) daughter of John Dudley, duke of Northumberland (1504-x.August 22,1553) and Jane Guildford (1509-January 15, 1555) On March 29, 1551, she was married to Sir Henry Sidney (June 20, 1529-May 5, 1586). Under Elizabeth I, Mary Sidney was at court as one of her ladies and nursed the queen through her bout of smallpox in October 1562. Mary subsequently caught the disease herself and was left horribly scarred by it. She was a favorite and friend, of Elizabeth I.

A Who's Who of Tudor Women (D)

Elizabeth's portrait in Hatfield House, called The Rainbow Portrait. Her cloak is decorated with eyes and ears to denote how Elizabeth sees all and hears all.

Penelope Rich was a notorious Elizabethan beauty, inspiring poetry and praise from the courtly male elite. But as a married women she also achieved a certain notoriety and fame by virtue of a series of love affairs. Born into the wealthy Essex family in 1563, Penelope was the daughter of Walter Devereux, first Earl of Essex and his wife, Lettice.

Portrait of a Lady of the Hampden Family, Artist Unknown, ca. 1610

"Elizabeth Craven, Lady Powis" by an Artist of the British School, circa 1622

Halloween Thrifting Challenge: Early Stuart Era (1603-1625)

N e e d l e p r i n t: William Larkin's Beautiful Jackets

N e e d l e p r i n t: William Larkin's Beautiful Jackets

Plimoth Jacket-Winterthur museum

Plays With Needles: With Cunning Needle: A Red Carpet Event