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Katrina Gilbert

Katrina Gilbert

I love anything unique and inspiring ..including people

maybe not today but some day soon...

Tractor cake

Make one bad decision....

Yes!! My stupid decisions and mistakes can only make me stronger and more lovable.

i think this can relate to my stupid decision of being a math major

Everyone makes a dumb decision every once in a while, and someone else probably warned them not to!! ;)

Take chances. Don't make stupid decisions.

Feeling this way about a certain young person who keeps ruining my days with stupid decisions. Waste of oxygen.

so many stupid decisions in the past!

bad decisions make good stories

You know what Annie you can Bitch about your kids dad not being there but remember Stupid Bitch you made that decision!! Fucken deal with it and move the FUCK on.. Find ur self a fucken man already n get the hell out our lives u desperate Hoe.. U wanna talk shit about my Kids u fucken JEALOUS WHORE, Fucken call me, I got some words for you Bitch!! U brave ugly soul!!!

Let's hear it for this day! (polite golfing clap, please) Stupid Decision Day. everyone has made 'em. Celebrate.

I can't feel badly for the decisions of others. I have nothing to apologize for. I need to live my own life.

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.

you never made a decision in your life with your heart. the heart is merely a muscle. stop blaming the heart for your irrational decisions. just consider the possibility that you might be stupid. #quote #words #decisions #zag

Purple Wedding Cakes

Coolest Purple Evil Minion Cake... This website is the Pinterest of birthday cake ideas

Coolest Purple Evil Minion Cake... This website is the Pinterest of birthday cake ideas

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