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Katrina Gilbert

Katrina Gilbert

I love anything unique and inspiring ..including people

Get it? speak louder than words. What are your actions saying about your life purpose, your needs and wants? I hope it says...this is my time and I choose to make healing a priority.

This is my time

This is my time

This is my time

This is my time

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Wait, this is my song. Re-Pin if you've interrupted a conversation when your favorite song came on! #music #meme

Oh wow, never thought of it like this!!

! Loyalty in Good Times and Bad Times ! ! When I'm Down When I'm Up ! ! Loyal Just Be Loyal To Me !

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Honestly I don't, only because despite the shit some people have put me through, I'm thankful for the lesson they have taught me. I'm learning exactly who I don't want to be and who I don't want to be with. So no, I'm glad I've met everyone that I have in the past, they have taught me so much, things I wouldn't have learned otherwise.

Alll the time. I do nothing but think about you all day, just replaying moments in my head, wondering what the next reunion has in store for us. It's okay though, we always make new beautiful memories that were worth the wait

take back your time, attention, energy, and emotions from anyone who treats your heart carelessly

This can be so tremendously hard for some people to understand (I've encountered it countless times over the course of my life). #INFJ #HSP #introverts

Hahah. I laughed but honestly I believe if it is meant to be it will be someday, somewhere, somehow...if it's meant to be! Forget the mistakes you make with timing.

Well, actually, I think everyone else is crazy. Lol

Good morning...

I'll just admit it; I found this on 9GAG just now. But it made my thursday morning! Badass unicorn.

Good morning gorgeous!!! I hope you have a great day at work and I love you so much!! Last night was incredible and im already missing you terribly!!

37 Funny Pictures Hiding a Good Laughter | blog.piktureplane...

I have those days at work lol!

HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY MAKE IT YOUR BITCH!! | Meme Factory | Funnyism Funny Pictures

GOOD DAY?! Pssshh, more like get gone & have a nice life!

I need to find a way to forgive and learn how to move on without you in my life. The lies & disrespect just fills me with so much anger,pain and disappointment. If you want to falsely blame and hate me, So be it. I will always love you