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Live, Laugh, Love

Photo - Bathwater
  • Sue Burgess

    I've lost my smile .. when others smile at me now I look down.

I do believe this is something every girl needs to know: trust me sweetie they're not all worth your tears

Not Everyone You Lose Is A Loss

Just like there is goodness, evil also exists, and it's not always a famous Hitler type that harms millions. Its also a neighbor, coworker, spouse, and evil is DRAWN to goodness, disguising its approach with a mask of goodness.

I am who I am. Your approval is not needed.

When faced with senseless drama, spiteful criticisms and misguided opinions, walking away is the best way to stand up for yourself. To respond with anger is an endorsement of their attitude. ~ Dodinsky

jumping to conclusions

Two Point Five Kids: Jumping to Conclusions is not a Sport.

“Let someone love you just the way you are – as flawed as you might be, as unattractive as you sometimes feel, and as unaccomplished as you think you are. To believe that you must hide all the parts of you that are broken, out of fear that someone else is incapable of loving what is less than perfect, is to believe that sunlight ..." Marc Hack

I make no apologies for how I chose to repair what you broke. ~ Grey's

Maya Angelou Quotes About Strong Women | Maya Angelou

Monday Morning Affirmations

"Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life." ~Prince

Stop being afraid of what could go WRONG and think of what could go RIGHT

Wow. That is something to think about.