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yes its hard to try and fix all the hurt done but if u have faith that ur able to give another chance may be there last go for it and when u say sorry mean it and everyone change for the better bc I don't want to lose any loved ones over the small or big things just talk and try to work it out

I've been thinking about my behavior last night.. You were trying to do a sweet thing before Christmas and I blew it... Sorry to make you feel less then wonderful... I really, really love you sweet bear.... Please love everything me back..... :)

I LOVE YOU!!!! You may hate me right now and I don't blame you but I know you love me and I know you are hurting just as much as I am and I'm sorry for doing that to you. This is killing me!!!! I want us to work on it please katie

Your children are wonderful people! Remind them!

26 DIY Summer Inspiration Ideas, Beaded Heart Necklace

DIY Roundup: Valentine's Day Heart Crafts

Essie Island Hopping - so many people have asked me what color this was when I wore it.

The single most effective way to get rid of a sunburn.. come summertime i'll be glad i pinned this

Part 2 - American Girl & Madame Alexander Doll Repair

When ever we go to the pool or beach, I place my phone in a snack size ziplock baggie. I can still use my phone through the plastic with my wet sandy hands...why haven't I thought of this!!

Squeeze a lemon and add baking soda until you make a thick creamy paste, leave on for up to 20min and rinse with cold water.

Cross Art - easy painting project for small children. Place Masking Tape (in any shape) onto a canvas. Let kids get messy as they fill the entire canvas with color! Once dry, carefully peel tape away to reveal the masterpiece!

The Hair Bible! You'll be sad you didn't pin. Every hair tip there ever was, categorized in one place.

"Staples does oversized prints called "engineer prints." The largest size is 3' x 4' and they cost only $4.99!!"

The perfect boot cuff for dressing up those skinny jeans!