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Pet Pics

"Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms." - George Eliot

The boxer knows the kitty loves him, and fears being judged.

Cats and Dogs - Ellen DeGeneres Photo Gallery

True true true

"Watch! This is my favorite episode of Duck Dynasty." (boxer)

"Hi-de-ho there, neighbor." (boxer)

Buddy used to do this as if he didn't understand something or was questioning what I was saying!

Great story behind this picture. The Boxer was stolen from the yard of a very loving family. They got the smaller brown dog to ease the heartache while relentlessly searching for the Boxer. A month or so later a good hearted person found the Boxer, she was returned home and the family wondered how the two dogs (both female) would react to each other..the picture says it all

hamster// tiny//

Molly Redecorates the Bedroom

This is so true! Perfect even, I want to get this printed and frame it for our home! Boxer's are so silly but so adorable!

Boxer Dog ❤ I want to get another boxer pup just for the hope of seeing this! So cute!

Don't ask. It's a Boxer thing