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30 Unexpected Halloween Costumes You Can DIY. I just like this silent film stars idea. so cool.

30 Unexpected Halloween Costumes You Can DIY

Toph Bei Fiong - Blind Bandit by *TophWei on deviantART

We have rounded up some funny and random things spotted by internet geeks that deserve an online high-five.

Kim Possible by Shiru-sama Cosplay | Photographer: Moma Photographic

He's hot. And he likes Avatar... WHERE THE HELL DO YOU FIND THESE PEOPLE!?!?!?

Doctor Who Cosplay Water from Mars: this is epic! Water from Mars scared me more than any other episode I think. Also, The Satan Pit episode scared me.

Quartermaster #Cosplay from Skyfall by *Aicosu

Lottie-3 by ~teru-terun on deviantART

I am at a loss for words about how amazing this is. A cosplay of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy in their Invisible Boatmobile.

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