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I NEED THIS!! Dr. Who Tardis bookcase... I don't think I could read anything except a Dr. Who book after going to this case. The theme song would be stuck in my head (as it is right now)!

David Tennant's Bedtime Story 5.0: My daughter loved this! I can't wait to introduce her to The Doctor.

Mean Girls Bloopers ♥ Best thing ever.


mind blown

This guy wins Halloween.

Mean Disney Girls. This is great!

Top 10 Kristen Wiig skits. This is golden. Gotta watch these when having a bad day!

I need to do this

@Rebeccah Jerakis... i think this is worse than the alcohol... haha

I think every girl understands this.

Supernatural S04E06 - Eye of The Tiger. This never gets old.

Evil plotting boxes…hahahaah

the caption on this cracked me up so bad omg

lol yes


One hour of Scenes from a Hat. You're welcome.

"on halloween this guy dressed up as Aladdin and glued his carpet to his skateboard and made his way through the halls like this" Win, just win


It took me 25 years to realize.

  • Tess Potter

    Pretty sure I just made this exact face considering this made me just realize that! Haha

Love Robert Downy Jr.


How did they know that???