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Please help save the lives of the homeless pets in the shelter and be a responsible pet owner. Spay, neuter and rescue!

Stop animal cruelty! Don't buy from pet stores or breeders! Adopt from a shelter or animal rescue. Spay/neuter your pets! Donate! Care for them, love them, respect them!

This is exactly how I feel about all the vets who've taken care of our pets through the years.

Heros come in many forms...

Faith In Humanity Restored - 24 Pics

Forever true. I hate people that get rid of dogs bc where they're moving "doesn't allow dogs" ....shouldn't you have asked that BEFORE signing the lease??

Miracles, you are one

A person is a person no matter how small. - Dr Seuss

Open your heart to a shelter pet. Adopt, don't shop!

It as always been the humans. Idiots.

My idea of Heaven!

nexxus is cruelty free, so are too faced and e.l.f.... whereas mac, l'oreal and it's subsidaries including essie, and p and g owned brands like dawn, are not. google beauty without bunnies for a searchable list of companies that do/don't test on animals, it's by peta but even if you don't like them, it's still a useful tool in making educated decisions when shopping!