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Sewing w/Sponges and other clever tips you don't want to miss.

This makes the peasant dress sooooooooooooo easy to make!!!! Love these instructions!

UT Hoodie Duffel Bag. Recycle that old hoodie

Crafty Bags From Old Clothes - Sortrature

How to make my one shoulder tutu flower dresses! I decided to make a lining so the kids wont get itchy wearing a tutu. Step 1 cut the tshirt. Step 2 cut a skirt out of fabric. Step 3 sew it together to make a lining. Step 4 wrap tulle around elastic to make a tutu. Step 5 add the tutu to the lining. Step 6 (optional) sew the top of the tutu to the top of the lining. Step 7 add a ribbon around the dress. Now your finished!

Worked AMAZING! Invisible Closing Seam ~ A tutorial

Quilt Taffy: Invisible Closing Seam ~ A tutorial


TambouilleĀ» Sac en canevas

Sewing needles I cannot stress enough how nice it is to use the correct needle for the correct job. Ballpoint on knits help with pucker and pulls. Feather's Flights {a creative, sewing blog}: Basics of Sewing Machine Needles

Great waist size guide. Pin for reference if you're making a tutu this Halloween!

DIY Clown Tutu Costume

Restyle Inspiration | Silk scarf combined with T-shirt

Colourful Yo-Yo Pillow

Colorful Yo-Yo Pillow

Sewing: How to Gather the Easy Way - Rae Gun Ramblings

Sewing: How to Gather the Easy Way - Rae Gun Ramblings

Easy to make so... DIY

Crocheted Lace Collar Cotton Yarn Top

Creative and Cool Ways To Reuse Old Denim (42) 23

42 Ways To Reuse Old Denim - Part 2.

Letting Out Pants - If you've ever struggled to button a pair of pants be sure to check out the Letting Out Pants tutorial. This helpful link will show you how to make pants bigger by letting out the waist. If you are a person whose weight often changes then this can be an extremely helpful trick. You don't need to go out and buy new pants if you have gained a few pounds. Keep your old pants and simply make them more comfortable by letting out the waist with these easy steps.

Letting Out Pants

Mini Yo Yo Necklace

cloth yoyo top Fun with fabric yo yos: inspiration, patterns, projects and tutorials

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