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Best description of a period that I've ever heard.

Effin' Uterus - Slightly Off Kilter

I would have the worst anxiety through the whole episode. Wondering who's going to live and die.

  • Veronica Donato

    Sherlock would try to analyze dr. Dr. Would confuse him, because he's an alien. Sam and dean confuse the doctor for a demon or something and try to throw salt on him. Then john Watson would like start freaking out and pull a gun out and just like yell " what in the name of all bloody things is happening?!"

The greatest of the Disney pictures… I think this is a repin, but it's SO great!

motivation at its finest!

Found my Valentine's Day dessert. No but really, this is greatttt hahaha

Go shopping with friends/family scold them for not putting clothes away properly - Retail Robin | Meme Generator

Don't you ever say I just walked away. I will always want you....

Beliebers boycot supernatural.HAHAHAHA! Like we care!

I applaud the people of the internet so hard

Dumbo on canvas, Acrylic painting


"Try to get some rest this week, it'll help you in the end!" Haha yeah cause that's possible..