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How much am I obsessed with Community?.. “I’ll never teeeell..” ;)

I’ve started uploading some photos on to Instagram :) So, if anyone wants to find me on there, I’m @kayleighocnails xx

Some tasty cupcake nails to model while I’m experimenting with photo filters :) Fun fun fun! x

"Mmmph mmph mph mmphKenny McCormick Nail Art :)

My natural nails have finally grown enough to paint things on :) I've bitten them for as long as I can remember so have never been able to get them looking like this before! Got a theory that it may have something to do with graduating, no more nail-biting essay deadlines. Haha. So, today they're blue with polka-dots (both colours are @Rio Beauty Specialists nail art pens), and added a little flamingo :)

'The Witches' Nail Art - Formula Eighty Six

Game of Thrones - 3D Dragon Egg Nail Art for Easter :)

Snowmen Nail Art - To suit the weather ;/