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Funny Pictures - 56 Pics

Thanks for putting up with me while I talk about things you don't care about.

I Love this movie!

In my world... - The Meta Picture

Vacation is just a fancy word for I'm taking a few days off work that way I dont go bat shit crazy and kill someone | Workplace Ecard

Sometimes I think that I'm a good and charming young lady. But then I remember that I love sex, booze and junk food.

Non-negotiable of a Christian husband... so good, must read. definitely all the more reason to guard your heart. definitely something I want to find in a husband but also things I hope a husband will find in myself

Pardon last nights drunk texts. That tequila is one chatty bitch. @Angela Gray Gray Gray Gray Thomas

THAT is true friendship!!! this goes out to a few great girls!!! @ Samantha neff

I stay fat so I don't have to worry about being kidnapped for the sex trade when I travel abroad.

Yes!!! This is what I've been saying!

I always say "you don't say!" "and THEN what happened?" "he said WHAT?" Makes kids and adults laugh and makes talking to little kids more fun