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An all-time favorite picture of Jackson and me from July 2009. Dana Hawley Photography. @dana hawley

I really NEED to start something like this ASAP. I love to look back on things like this but I'm so awful at recording things like this, despite my intentions and attempts which include several baby and wedding books/projects that are still practically empty/unfinished.

This is how my camera changed my life a little more than a year ago.

I've always thought this was a cute and fun idea. Recreate a childhood photo of yourself.

  • Ashley Branner

    I would love to take some family portraits somewhere that looks like this.

  • Kaylyn Strickland

    Oh I know. This is awesome. To be honest, I'm OVER the trend of having pictures taken in an organic setting like open fields, dirt roads and rustic buildings. But this is so structured and groomed that it would be like a new twist. I've been trying to come up with something for our family photos this year. My friend Bronwyn who I shot that wedding with just did a family shoot in downtown Sacramento. They turned out SO cool. Very urban-chic. But... now it's been done so I will have to keep trying to think of something unique. I thought about a carousel or a carnival, but I've been seeing that around a lot lately too...

  • Ashley Branner

    EVERYTHING has been done at least once. So find something that fits your family's personality and go with it!

  • Kaylyn Strickland

    I'm actually beginning to consider an at-home photoshoot. Turn the couch around and center it in front of the french doors so that we're backlit... I dunno... we'll see I guess.

  • Ashley Branner

    French doors would be so pretty. You could even open them and have your backyard. I LOVE your backyard.

I'm not a huge ladybug fanatic but this is just so pretty!

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