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The murder of Simon represents the loss of what little sanity the boys had left. It also represents how the figurative Lord of the Flies has conquered the boys. They are now under it's rule with no chance of return to their old lives. Simon held the link to reality, and the link was broken when his life was ended.

Simon finally realizes what has happened. He personifies the Lord of the Flies through the pig head and his own terror. Simon realizes there is no actual beasts and that the beast is really inside of all of them. Simon is intelligent enough to realize that he is imagining the head speaking. He is not yet lost enough, he still holds a grip on reality.

The first physical manifest of the Lord of the Flies is the pig's head. This represents the breaking point of the boy's old innocent lives into savagery. It shows how the boys immorality is starting to show through and their old values are starting to fade away.

The Lord of the Flies is a building idea that slowly forms in the minds of the boys and soon takes hold of their sanity. The Lord of the Flies is merely a figment of their imaginations and develops soley as a hallucination and is nothing more.

Something modern that would be in Jim and Laura's future home together.

  • Holly Amanda

    I really like this picture because it's artsy just like Laura! I could imagine them having something like this in their home, especially if they're living together. It's a reminder of how even if their father left them, Jim will always be there for Laura. - Madison

Possibly Jim's and Laura's wedding setting. Jim would choose a beautiful place because he is a thoughtful man and likes to make others happy.

If Jim was an animal/fish/whatever, he'd be a whale because whales have beautiful songs and they are very social.

  • Gina Coll

    Maybe the way the whales are facing could be like how Jim turned his back on Laura, and how he fights for someone elses sake.

  • Elizabeth

    Why did you pick the horned whales? I wonder if it parallels his "advice" to Laura and how cliche and kind of useless it is. He might be social and charming and beautiful to Laura, but to me he has nothing innovative to say.

  • Gina Coll

    Ria (first comment)

  • Holly Amanda

    I think the horned whales represent Jim very well because he is social, but he is also very strong and he fights for what he wants. He is caring and kind to Laura, but he holds grudges towards his father. I like your comparison:) -Madison

This represents Jim's ability to love a woman so small and feeble ♥

  • Ryan Stan

    This is one is quite cute. I like how Tom is bigger than Laura but still portrayed as the gentle cute caring guy that he is. While Laura is a gentle little shy rabbit. Although they don't have a "relationship" Jim is still very loving and careful as a friend to Laura.

  • Holly Amanda

    I think this is really cute! I like that you chose a dog to display Jims character because he was thoughtful and caring of Laura and her low self-confidence. I think that dogs feel when something is wrong, and Jim had the ability to identify Lauras weakness and she didn't even have to say much! Nicely done! -Shannon

If Jim was modern day, he'd be on every social network possible. He's a very social person, and although he is not especially educated, he has friends and social skills.

This little guy represents Jim's outgoing personality and the vocalness of his singing and speaking traits.

Thomas James McDade could be our 2nd option if we did a casting for someone to play Jim. His appearance matches Jim's.

This quote represents Jim's personality.

  • Nadejda Schild

    this is a great quote for jim because he shows it and constantly talks about being more than his crappy family, his crappy job and his crappy house

This heart symbolizes Jim's ability to like Laura even though she's crippled.

  • Gina Coll

    We like how you guys chose the heart with the fingerprint in it. The fingerprint could represent how Jim touched Lauras heart like nobody else has before.

  • Holly Amanda

    I like the heart necklace you chose, because a necklace is usually delicate and frail like laura, but it also looks more industrial and tougher like Jim. - Madison

The trophies symbolize how Jim wants to be successful in life and how he can still be successful without an education.

The microphone symbolizes Jim's ability to stand up and speak in front of others and his strength to have confidence in himself and be brave when put under the spotlight.

  • Nadejda Schild

    Definitely accurate! The microphone amplifies his voice so he is heard by others. -Kayli

We chose a theater because Jim sang in operas. This shows he is not afraid of standing up in front of people and he is confident.

We chose a track and running shoes because Jim was an athlete during high school. It also shows he's willing to go the distance and perservere.

We chose Eddie Redmayne to play Jim because he represents Jim well both physically and mentally. His red hair and freckles and thin frame match Jim's. He is in a suit which represents Jim's professionalism because Jim holds a job. Eddie can easily adapt to whatever role he plays whether it be a king or a shakespearian character. He can play Jim because they are both social and hardworking.

  • Nadejda Schild

    wow this is almost exactly how I pictured Jim!

  • Nadejda Schild

    To elaborate on my first comment, this is a good representation of Jim because he is handsome, confident, and mature. He looks like a man on a mission that is willing to work hard to get where he wants to be, just like Jim. -Emily S.

Jim wants to prove that even though he isn't especially smart or talented he can still reach his goals of becoming successful in life through social interactions. It shows that he is determined and has social skills and is a pleasant person to be around. We chose the font 'forte' because Jim wants to be bold and get a lot out of life. We made the font grow because he wants power and we made it green because he seems like an easy going man.