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Engineering and Manufacturing

Manufacturing Infographic: How does Manufacturing Compare to Other Industries?

25 Greatest Business Innovations of All Time

Engineering Jobs and Salary Outlook: GlobalSpec Insights

Solving the Manufacturing Skills Gap

Very good for all CIMA EO Students : Introduction to Lean Manufacturing

Benefits of "Reshoring". When manufacturing jobs move overseas we wondered if total landed costs are considered and if there is now an argument for bringing manufacturing back to the USA. This logistics practice is known commonly as “reshoring.”

How 3D Printing Can Change Manufacturing: Personal, Augmented and Alternative

Monster Survey Suggests USA Manufacturing Workers May be Unhappy, Seeking More Fulfilling "Close to one-half (47%) of manufacturing workers surveyed expressed dissatisfaction with their current job" Also shows more than half believe their employers are NOT willing to provide adequate training to do their jobs. Could there be a correlation?

U.S. Manufacturing Is Winning Not Because Others Have Failed But Because They Have Succeeded | Manufacturing Quote

This book is a collection of articles aimed at finding new ways of manufacturing systems developments. The articles included in this volume comprise of current and new directions of manufacturing systems which I believe can lead to the development of more comprehensive and efficient future manufacturing systems. People from diverse background like academia, industry, research and others can take advantage of this volume and can shape future directions of manufacturing systems.

Four Trends Driving the Resurgence in American-based Manufacturing. The theories of economic advantage by outsourcing and offshoring have been met with the practicality of geographic, intellectual property and currency risks. These risks have shown to outweigh many of the assumptions made a decade ago.