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HAHA! You're never childless when you have a husband.

You're never childless, when you have a husband ~ Suck3r Punch

Life would be a million times better if there were piñatas strategically placed throughout the day

Life would be so much better…

I need to see a dentist one of my canines is loose - ha ha #shark

I like cooking my family and my pets. Use commas. Don't be a psycho.

I can totally relate to this one! Every time we are out at the mall, this is what we do instead of shopping. Minions just make it a whole lot funnier!

I want to be buried in the middle of nowhere in a spring-loaded casket filled with some confetti so future archaeologists have one hell of a day at work

Titanic be like I nominate all passengers for the ice bucket challenge. #sowrong #canthelpbutlaugh

If my body is ever found dead on the jogging trail, just know I was murdered elsewhere and dump there. Hilarious!

HaHa! When your best friend is mad at you!

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Kids be like .....Got any gaes on your phone? OMG isn't this the truth

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 83 Pics

Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I wont sing

Slight Exaggeration

Haha - Not a trophy wife!

Lol this cracked me up X-Ray Tech Selfie

You're too old for elf on the shelf so you get for in the drawer! Lololol

Came home to this in my drawer. Well played, Mom.

Hahah "Those aren't gray hairs..."

Best Makeup, Cosmetics & Beauty Products Online | Gloss48

When I was 9 I felt cool with my new markers, lol

Furious George, hahaha

.. in my previous life....

has anyone seen my jacket

Keep rolling those eyes,bitch. Maybe you'llfind a brain backthere.

Dear Lord thank you for my sick sense of humor and sarcasm. I feel bad every time I laugh. Sort of.

Special place in hell ...

Random Funny Quotes - when I die I want my last words to be ...

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Rotten Ecards

FoldsFive: Congratulations on wasting $100 billion dollars...