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Art and Crafts for Kids

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The Circle Game: A complete sub lesson for the art room. Adapted from Ande Cook's Art Starters.

Regenboog spinnenweb

There's a monster in your cereal box! How to make fun monster jaws from cereal boxes - easy kids craft activity.

cereal box monster jaws | fun & easy big kid craft

African Masks

Visual i Plàstica | Cicle Superior

Katrina648's art on ArtsoniaSecond graders learned about rain forest tree dart frogs. We learned that the Amazon rain forest covers much of South America and contains millions of plant and animal species. The poison dart frog has very brilliant colors and warns predators to stay away. The sweat from one frog is enough to coat 50 darts for native people to hunt! For our lesson, we traced a frog template and cut it out.

Artwork published by Katrina648

Dutch Windmill Printable - print out the pieces, color, cut out, and glue together. A great craft for kids learning about The Netherlands.

Printable Windmill

Art and Crafts for Kids

how to make a basket out of old papers Possible to make miniature ones for my Hot Air Balloons?

Wahoo for Art!: Bad Hair Days!

Wahoo for Art!: Bad Hair Days!

Sense of touch to draw objects. Object in a cup inside a sock...clever! Zilker Elementary Art Class: October 2011

Zilker Elementary Art Class: October 2011

Put a "Tidy Tub" on each table while students are doing cutting projects. It helps keep the students in their seats working instead of getting up to go to the trash.

What the Teacher Wants!: Rachelle's Classroom Reveal

I think this will be my art club shirt this spring.

have each kid fill in their own head....words that describe them. things they like...

silhouette kids art EASY FOR ALL AGES and FUN! :) Youll just need a flashlight, white (or black) drawing paper with tape, and something to trace with (pencil, black marker, or silver tipped marker)

whatever: on a sunday??

Art Projects for Kids: Another Chuck Close Portrait

Another Chuck Close Portrait | Art Projects for Kids

This collaborative art project is turning out amazing! 200 feet roll of paper, the freedom to make marks, lines, pattern, and colors, equals an incredible experience for kids. We will reveal the 200 foot painting at the end of the year on the football field, can't wait!