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All Things Upper Elementary: Teaching Them How to Think By Asking the Right Questions!

Teacher Tip: Velcro your dry-erase markers to the board and point the tips downward for a longer-lasting marker!

Mrs. Olson's Lucky Little Learners: A Little Bit of Everything!

Puppet theater using your choice of picture frame. Love this idea!!

How to paint your own cookie sheets! Cookie sheet activities make great center activities- fun to add a little color.

How to Paint a Cookie Sheet

One of the teachers I work with suggested this idea at our first faculty meeting this year and I thought it was so smart! When kids are pulled for speech, OT, reading groups, etc., they put the cup on their desk to say they are out of the room. It makes it easy to glance around the room and see who has been pulled.

The Wizard of Boz: Classroom Tidbits

Teachers - Now you will know if it's your pencil! Decorative duct tape wrapped pencils.

Awesome!!!! dry erase with cardstock, laminating, and duct tape - Just place the plastic sheet over the cardboard and tape around the edges. Simple as that and you're done.I love how cute they turned out and they are easy to write on/wipe clean. Plus between the presentation board and two rolls of duct tape it cost just over 50 cents each. I need to do this.

Curls and a Smile: Bright Ideas Blog Hop- 2 Little Tricks for Duck Tape

Hide questions under their seat and announce 'hot seat' sometime during the day. Whoever has a question under their seat has to answer it. Perfect way to review/have fun! This is an idea from kindergarten that could be used in ANY grade!!

Kindergarten Smiles: Common Core

Last day of school activity! Have your kids sit in a large circle and pass the beach ball around. Whichever question/activity their thumb lands on is the one they do!

Make your grading policies visible and understandable to kids.

Teacher Trap: classroom

"Scratch-off"paint (like on lottery tickets) - one part dish soap, two parts acrylic craft paint. who knew!?

Scratch-Off Save-the-Date - Martha Stewart Weddings Inspiration

iPad charging station! $5 dish rack, 2 powerboards and 4 zip ties! No expensive cart needed.

Pandora in the Classroom

Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!: Pandora in the Classroom

Use paint chips on a keychain to keep track of classroom logins. | 25 Clever Classroom Tips For Elementary School Teachers

25 Clever Classroom Tips For Elementary School Teachers

Use a collage photo frame to make a dry-erase weekly calendar/ to-do list. Put scrapbook paper in the frame and write right on the glass.

Community Post: You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

Easy-to-build houses for elementary school musicals - Rhythm and Glues

Dry erase circles. Who knew? They save me SO much instructional time during the day because I don't have to take time to hand out boards and markers then take them up. I keep a bucket at each table with markers and baby socks and the students get them out when we are working. I walk around with my Active Slate while they are writing and I can model with my slate on my board! Amazing time saver!!

Great organizer when you want students to come up with questions or ponderings about a story or particular subject--could use for group discussion too! (Free Download)

table captains - oh how they would love these!!

Classroom Management

Runde's Room: Passion Projects in the Classroom - Have your heard about Genius Hour?

Runde's Room: Passion Projects in the Classroom

Classroom DIY: DIY Letter and Number Tiles