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Keep Calm and SIGN ON-8x10-(Featured in Oceanic Waves) (Love) Sign Language Inspired (Buy 3 and get 1 FREE) Keep Calm Art. $10.00, via Etsy.

American Sign Language Alphabet Button Fridge Magnet Set

Conversation Essential Sign Language See our amazing American Sign Language Fonts at www.teacherspayte...

Sign Language T-Shirt ASL Deaf What Part Of Sign Language Don't You Understand T-Shirt Tee Shirt T Shirt Mens Ladies Womens Youth Kids

The amazing advances in assistive technology... standing wheelchairs :)

Teach Sign Language so kids can talk quietly to each other.... a Principal was doing this during lunch to keep the students quiet... I love the idea

Person First Language (discussion + materials)

Very interesting....for every person who says and thinks depressions can be fixed with exercise and vitamins, ya right!

Quotes to Help with Mental Health Part 4

A great thing to remember...Check out the Role of Gender in Mental Health here!

Mental health - there is more out there then you may know about.

Positive self-talk. On the way to overcoming negative thinking. (Infographic only) [[many is the time I have had to slow down, stop, and ask, "What is it I need? What is it that I want?" and when I can answer neither question, that's when I know I'm in trouble ...]]

mental health - Google Search

Cerebral Palsy classification macy is hemi and quad on some days

People always ask me what an "IEP" means. Technically, it means "Individualized Education Plan", but I like this one better!

Learning disability in a person is seen when he /she has problems specific to learning. The person generally has difficulty in reading, reasoning, writing, speaking, listening, solving math problems etc. This visual states some facts about Learning Disabilities to help you understand them better.

Awesome Autism TShirts Not for Wimps MADE TO by HandmadeEscapade, $16.00

The word "Retard(ed)" is hurtful to individuals with developmental disabilities and to those who love them. Please spread the word to end the word.

People with Down syndrome are some of the most beautiful, joyful human beings you will ever meet. :)

Linzy has a shirt like this with dice on it! We Also made valentines out if rolos with this saying wrapped around it!

World Down Syndrome Awareness Day occurs on the twenty-first day of the third month of the year, March 21st, the date 3/21 signifying three copies of chromosome 21. I want to encourage everyone to either make or renew the pledge not to use the R-Word.

Just Hanging think about this when you think about slacking off...