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Sad-eyed kitten would like a word with you.

| Video Burglar

Sleepy Sassy😴😻

Not for eating, for snuggling.

Are you guys warm yet?

My big girl with big blue eyes!

Fat kitty exercise 1. Stretch 2. Nap time!

Stop with the camera, PLEASE!

Blue Eyes


Dis MY couch! Don't test me. I weigh 16# and I sit on you if you try to get me to move!

YMCA cat! it's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A!

Sassy Drake 06/30/2012.

kitties hugging kitties hugging kitties

Praying Sassy

Evo Weight Management Dry Cat Food 15.4lb $43.46

Sexy, Sadie (Sassy) Drake!

My cat every morning

Katie Drake 1992-2006