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Teacher vs Class - My class love gaining points and trying to beat me to win a reward!

Writing Prompt: What would your life be like if you lived here? Entire website of Photographs to use as writing prompts!

Bond's Neighbour - Worth1000 Contests

A easy to make visual representing the water cycle.

Primary Reading Party: Science

Warm Fuzzy Jar! When students are caught being kind they get a "warm fuzzy" to put in the jar. When the jar is full have a class party!

A Love for Teaching: Warm Fuzzy Jar

Not technically a WordWall, but would be good for review of all the vocabulary words that the students learn in any grade.

A lesson in handwashing. The Hand Washing Lesson My K-2 students absolutely loved this. The lesson uses lotion-covered hands and glitter to illustrate how germs spread. I placed glitter on one student’s hand and had the student shake hands, high five, and share a pencil with other students, and watching their reactions when they then had glitter (germs) on their hands was great! They then took turns washing their hands, learning just how much effort you should always

Vantage Learning Blog • A lesson in handwashing. ...

The book fairy? Oh my! someone just has to help me and make me one of these. Only problem is dress code says those pages in that skirt have to go to my knees. I guess we could just do layers. Heck, you all know how short I am.

The Objective of the Lego Listening Game … is for one player to arrange his/her blocks in exactly the same design/pattern as the other player. The catch is that players cannot see each others’ blocks/board but must rely only on verbal instructions. This is a fabulous game for developing both spoken language and vocabulary as well as listening skills! Great idea for my ell's!

Homemade Lego Listening Game - Childrens Stories

Interactive reading board! Each student will fill their cup with books they read in and out of school throughout the year! I used paint sample slips from a local hardware store! Thank you! Students can check out their peer cups for ideas and we will total books read by class at end of each trimester! Fill your cup with knowledge!

Ms. Barris' Class : ) » Classroom tour

Students must find 20 adjectives that describe themselves.--Good first day of school activity to get to know students

Fabulous Fourth Grade: Teaching Students about Adjectives!

Eat lunch in the classroom Extra PE time Extra recess time No homework for the night A day with no desks or chairs Mrs. Glasmann shows us her 6th grade picture (Where do they come up with this stuff?) Play a class game Rearrange desks however students want (This came with the stipulation that I can move them back any time I'd like.) Bring a drink and snack to school Movie morning with popcorn. They used CTP's Dots On Turquoise Border and Letters.

Classroom Compulsion: Making the End of the Year "Pop"

I'm done cup

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