The 'Little' Big Read

To coincide with the Kansas City Big Read, we have organized activities for youth and families that are inspired by Charles Portis' True Grit. For more information on the Big Read, please visit

"Head for the Wild West" book display at the Plaza branch---a very beautiful display for our young readers!

Cowboy and western-themed books are on display at Kansas City Public Library, Central Library, in celebration of the Big Read, "True Grit."

A reversed Cinderella retelling with a western flair. This is a funny book!

"Are you a Horse?" Hmm, good question! This is a perfect book for story time...

The cowboy loves to sing but gets a bit scared of "creatures" in the barn. This is a hilarious book for kids!

Our North-East Branch put together this display of cowboy books for the the 'Little' Big Read!

The Legend of Bass Reeves by Gary Paulsen

Dear America: Behind the Masks: The Diary of Angeline Reddy by Susan Patron

P.K. Pinkerton and the Petrified Man by Caroline Lawrence

The Abernathy Boys by L.J. Hunt

Racing to Freedom: Gabriel's Journey by Alison Hart

Racing to Freedom: Gabriel's Horses by Alison Hart

Racing to Freedom: Gabriel's Triumph by Alison Hart

The Ravioli Kid: An Original Spaghetti Western by Michelle Freedman

American Girl: Addy by Connie Porter

American Girl: Kirsten by Janet Shaw

American Girl: Josefina by Valerie Tripp

I Want To Be A Cowgirl by Jeanne Willis

Cowpoke Clyde and Dirty Dawg by Lori Mortensen

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