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Identifying Street Drugs & Paraphernalia

The Kansas City Missouri Police Department thought it would be good to have pictures of street drugs and paraphernalia that we find out on the streets. That way parents/ people can identify them and be aware if loved ones may be using.

Many drugs are turning up in pills or made to look like popular candy. Experts say it's a disturbing trend every parent needs to be aware of. Talk to your child inform them on how they are being targeted

Fact Sheet: Preventing Teen Abuse of Prescription Drugs. How many teens are abusing prescription drugs -and why? And what can parents do to prevent this risky behavior? Find answers to these questions and more in this fact sheet.

Rohypnol (roofies) and GHB are central nervous system depressants. Whether going to a party or on a trip with friends, it is important that everyone be aware of roofies and GHB, how these drugs are used and how to protect yourself. While often associated with alcoholic beverages, these drugs can also be slipped into a non-alcoholic drink. www.jacksongov.or...

Prescription Drug Abuse & Your Kids - More and more teens are turning away from street drugs, but there's an increasing threat that can be found in your family medicine cabinet. www.jacksongov.or...

Talking To Your Kids About Drugs "Having the "drug talk" with your kids early -- and often -- is the best practice." Teens who learn anti-drug messages at home are 42 percent less likely to use drugs. www.jacksongov.or...

Get The Facts About Marijuana - Why do people use marijuana? How can I prevent my child from using marijuana? How can I tell if my child has been using marijuana? How does marijuana work? www.jacksongov.or...

How Drug Dealers Target Our Kids - Without drug users, drug dealers would go out of business. Because they need there to be a demand for the illegal drugs they produce and traffic, dealers are continually looking to attract more "customers" -- to get more people "hooked on their junk." Ecstasy pills made to look like children's chewable vitamins Ecstasy pills made to look like children's chewable vitamins. www.jacksongov.or...

It's a question just about every parent will ask: "How can I tell if my child is using drugs or alcohol?" Changes in mood or attitudes, including unusual temper outbursts, changes in sleeping habits, hobbies or other interests are common in teens. So, what should you look for? Look for signs of depression, withdrawal, carelessness with grooming or hostility. www.jacksongov.or...

Make your position clear when it comes to dangerous substances like alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Don't assume that your children know where you stand. www.jacksongov.or...

Ecstasy - What is it? Ecstasy's medical name is MDMA (methylenedioxy-methamphetamine). It is a synthetic, mind-altering drug that acts both as a stimulant and a hallucinogenic. Research shows that many Ecstasy tablets contain a number of other drugs that can be dangerous when combined, including methamphetamine, ketamine, cocaine, DXM and the diet drug ephedrine.

K2 - Synthetic Marijuana - K2 is known as fake pot or fake marijuana and sold with brand names like K2 Blonde, K2 Summit, Spice, Spice Gold, Spice Silver, Spice Diamond, Zohai, Yucatan Fire and Genie and other names. K2 and similar products are made in Korea and China and sold as incense or potpourri. These fake marijuana products can be bought on the internet, smoke shops and found in the incense sections. Store owners have said kids are buying so much that they cannot keep it on the shelves.

  • Kansas City Missouri Police Department

    K2 is herbs or spices sprayed with a synthetic product like JWH-018 to supposedly give a legal high like marijuana. JWH-018 is three times more potent than naturally occurring THC in marijuana is. JWH-018 and similar synthetically made products are called synthetic cannabinoids or mimicking cannabinoids and were developed to test the effects of THC on mice, not to be taken by humans.

  • Kansas City Missouri Police Department

    In March 2009, the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) received and analyzed a shipment of these foil packets with the name of Spice Gold and inside was dried plant looking material. What the DEA found was that all of these packets contained not only the synthetic cannabinoids

PCP (Phencyclidine) - PCP is a "dissociative" drug, distorting perceptions of sight and sound and producing feelings of detachment. Users can experience several unpleasant psychological effects, with symptoms mimicking schizophrenia (delusions, hallucinations, disordered thinking, extreme anxiety).

Prescription Drugs - The most commonly abused prescription drugs fall into three categories: Painkillers, Depressants and Stimulants

  • Kansas City Missouri Police Department

    Prescription painkillers are powerful drugs that can be dangerous, or even deadly, especially when taken at high doses or combined with alcohol. A single large dose can cause breathing difficulty that can lead to death. The short-term effects of painkiller abuse can include lack of energy, inability to concentrate, nausea and vomiting.

  • Kansas City Missouri Police Department

    Because of their effect on the brain, prescription painkillers can be highly addictive when misused. Even patients who are prescribed painkillers for a long time can develop a "physical dependence," meaning that the body becomes accustomed to having the drug. Stopping the drug abruptly can cause severe withdrawal symptoms, and any changes when using these medications must be carefully monitored by a doctor.

Rohypnol - Rohypnol slows down the central nervous system, causing a range of effects, including exhaustion, sedation, confusion, impaired coordination, impaired judgment and memory loss.

  • Kansas City Missouri Police Department

    Use it, and you can be physically and psychologically incapacitated, meaning you're unable to move or thinkā€”or you're knocked out. This is why it has been used in targeting people for sexual assault. 57 In the past, it was easy to slip the drug into a drink, because it was colorless and tasteless. In 1997, the drug was reformulated so that when dissolved in light-colored drinks, it will dye the liquid blue. Still, be forewarned: generic versions of Rohypnol may not contain this blue dye.

  • Kansas City Missouri Police Department

    Rohypnol is lethal when combined with alcohol or other drugs. It can slow the pulse and breathing, leading to unconsciousness, slowed heart rate, suppressed breathing and, ultimately, death.

video: warning parents of kids getting drunk off hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is the latest in a string of household products used to induce intoxication, and it has public health officials worried, as a few squirts of hand sanitizer could equal a couple of shots of hard liquor. Young people can buy pocket-size bottles, which can be the equivalent of two-three shots of hard liquor, or huge tubs at most markets and stores. Treat hand sanitizers "like we treat any medication in the home as far as safety is concerned.

Hand sanitizer is the latest in a string of household products used to induce intoxication, and it has public health officials worried, as a few squirts of hand sanitizer could equal a couple of shots of hard liquor. Liquid hand sanitizer is 62 to 65 percent ethyl alcohol, orethanol, the main ingredient in beer, wine and spirits, making it 120-proof. To compare, a bottle of vodka is 80-proof. Teenagers use salt to break up the alcohol from the sanitizer to get a more powerful dose.

Hand sanitizer is the latest in a string of household products used to induce intoxication, and it has public health officials worried, as a few squirts of hand sanitizer could equal a couple of shots of hard liquor. "This is a rapidly emerging trend," Dr. Cyrus Rangan, medical toxicology consultant for Children's Hospital Los Angeles, said in a news conference today. About 2,600 cases have been reported in California since 2010, but it's become a national problem.

"Cheese" The New Face of Heroin

Video on "Cheese". The combination of Black Tar Heroin, Xanax, Tylenol PM

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