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Best comment ever.

33 Of The Greatest Things That Happened On Tumblr In 2013

"Salute no red-haired man nearer than 30 feet off and, even so, hold 3 stones in the fist wherewith to defend thyself" ( Dulcinea: Foto)

~~ My hubbs - 6'6 and auburn haired Red hair was called the "Mark of Gilgamesh" (after a mysterious figure of this name around 2600 B.C.) @Tim Cox

it's not easy being ginger... illustration by Kristina Litvin

Redheads via

The 5 Types of Red Head [CHART]

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Too freaken funny (but true)! I'm not a redhead, but relate to the glowing. ;)

As a true redhead, I will never say "Check out my AWESOME tan." rather, "Oh, look: More freckles!" #ginger

What's sad is I'm honey blonde and I have the exact same problem. Probably my excessive Scottish ancestry (of which I'm quite proud of)

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If you're walking with someone else who has red hair, everyone always assumes you're related. Or twins. 22 Signs You’re A Natural Redhead