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A transparent acrylic paperweight to hold down the pages of a book as you eat and drink while reading. Shut the front door.

This smart thermometer not only takes your temperature - but also gives you diagnosis advice. #parenting #technology

Thermometer Delivers Diagnosis, Calls Doctor

Smart Health Talk Top Greening Your Life Tip. Solar Powered Window Socket. Are these awesome or what. Think of the applications. How about hotel rooms where they never have enough plugs. Could you carry one with you everywhere just in case of an emergency and your cell phone was dying. Just shows what kinds of things we could invent.

Building a new house? Put Node Electric Outlets, eliminates the need for a power strip. Just plug it in anywhere on the square! -That's awesome

Where was this when I was pregnant?!?! The Holo helps pregnant women lay on their belly! This is awesome!!!

tan while you shower?!i want this!!!

Tornado Body Dryer: Dry your entire body without a towel -- while still in your warm shower enclosure! Well wouldn't this be nifty.

I always end up making spaghetti for 78 people, instead of 2.

iExpander iPhone case adds SD, extra battery, 30-pin connector pinned by Noah

An outlet that automatically turns off power once your device has been charged to save energy. This is Awesome! Only $10 on Amazon! Can also save batteries from being fried.

Cube Tube: Ice cube tray redesigned, space saver how neat! Genius!!!

My nightstand wants these! Only $2.50 for a pack of 6! Stocking stuffer anyone?!

iPhone app that allows you to inventory your entire closet and put together outfits!!