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How To Make Butterfly Footprint Art | The MommypotamusThe Mommypotamus |

How To Make Butterfly Footprint Art - The Mommypotamus

Happy Painted Canvas by PetalsAndBrushes on Etsy

How easy is this quick sew project to make using a beach towel or terry clothe. Perfect for lounging at the pool.

Someone says: Crayon hot rocks: If you have not done this yet, you need to. Simply warm up the rocks in the oven (I did 220 for 10 minutes), then put them on a stack of newspapers (or something else you don't care if it gets crayon in it) and let the little ones go to town. Just remind them it is hot. I have done it with 2 1/2 year olds with no problem. My little lady often brings in rocks for me to "cook" so she can paint them

When painting something, use a few push pins in the back of the object to lift it off of the table. No more sticking to whatever its painted on.

Great tag, made with the window of a security envelope folded in half, and 2 windows glued, and some circle punches inside.

DIY High End Wall Art- Dry brush ombré painting. Start with it dark at the top and drag it downwards, don't add more to the bottom than what is drug there. Then take gold leafing and pat it up top.

Don't have a projector and want to paint something on the wall? Just need a box, a lamp and tape.

Make your very own recipe book! With your own pictures! Recipe template included

How to make envelopes from scrapbook paper

Great crafts for the home. Great way to recycle scratched CD's or DVDs. Could be used as a coaster with short sides or a simple ashtray! The ideas are endless!

For when I feel like coloring next...

Door Jammer - allows you to open and close babys door without making a sound. Keeps little ones from shutting themselves in the room. (This would be a great gift for new moms.) Add to scrap fabric ideas!