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10 authentic ways to hold students accountable for home reading -

10 authentic ways to hold students accountable for home reading -

ADHD Parenting: Handling Sibling Fights

When students are caught being good, they are given a slip to put their name on and put in the fish bowl. The teacher does random drawings when she needs a student helper or to give monthly treats to!

Are your tweens or teens reading dystopian fiction? Our #RaiseaReader #parents blog has series overviews to keep you informed. Click for more.

Math Talk Anchor Chart

Secondgradealicious: How About a Tug of War? Making Thinking Visible, excellent resource for creating engagement and promoting higher order thinking skills in your students.

Inquiry based learning is a great approach to teaching/learning that engages students and helps to foster critical thinking and problem solving.

Secondgradealicious: Inquiry Based Learning

Have a scavenger hunt for non-fiction text features! FREEBIE

Secondgradealicious: Five for Friday: Saturday Edition!

Great Teachers Don't Teach - “Real learning requires doing, not listening, or observing only." I know that I learn best by doing, if you give me a project where I need to research and carry out some kind of experiment, etc., I will retain that knowledge for the rest of my life because I earned it, it wasn't just given to me. This article talks about how to be an effective teacher though inquiry. A useful read for any teacher. Fergy

Great Teachers Don’t Teach

Guided Reading Center Rotation Resources - from the ladies at Made for 1st Grade

Letting feet stay busy ... students can push on the band while sitting in their chair. This will help the child who needs constant movement. I know I've had luck with the little bouncy cushions. This is probably an easier and cheaper option. Also, helps those chair tippers;)

Letting Feet Stay Busy - Therapy Fun Zone

Reward Coupons - No cost rewards that you will actually use! Motivating and fun. $


Desk arrangement all done! This is a great idea for classrooms that have desks.

First Grade Teacher Lady: Back 2 School BLOG HOP!

Caribbean Berry Smoothie | Carmel Moments Luscious berries and sweet pineapple combine with coconut cream and milk to make a divine refreshment. Delightful to look at. Delicious to eat.

Caribbean Berry Smoothie

Team Scoot - A New Twist on an Old Favorite - Learn how to engage your students in a cooperative learning variation of the traditional Scoot game

Free Checklist! 10 changes teachers can make to facilitate inclusion!

Beginning of the Year: Procedures and Listening Skills

"red carpet" for end of year awards, I have to do this!

Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: Our Last Day in Pictures

Great idea to keep track of Missing Work. Students take their post-it off and attach it to their late work. Picture only

Controlled dice - no more flying around the room. Genius!!! 06CMS10

Lessons with Laughter: Colorful Goodies & Our Gallery Walk!

Student Family Photos- have them bring in a framed photo at the beginning of the year and display them in your classroom . What a sweet way to personalize your room!