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"Make it Happen" by ivy21 green, mocha, natural, olive. mint, plum, purple, tan

Leather Venetian blinds | LA-Inspired Pendants & Sconces

Chandelier Projects Tree Shadows onto the Wall trees shadows lighting - Just the thing for a slightly nervous child's bedroom...K

Monart glass - Made in Scotland in the 1930's and now highly collectable...K

Monart Glass : Antiques trade gazette

Harrison Mcintosh ceramic (1974)...K

Lee Middleman - Pottery and Ceramic Art

Industrial Scissor Lift Table - I might have made the handle about half the size it is, but I do quite like the 'no-compromise' design aesthetic, especially when balanced with other richer, more sumptuous objects...K

KAISER idell table light - (1936) Designed by Christian Dell for Fritz Hansen, this original Bauhaus design is still valid and fresh nearly 80 years later...K

SUITE NY | QUICKSHIP Furniture and Accessories

Casa Midy - 'Hiver' Pendant...K

Edgar Brandt : Art Deco Pelican Ashtray (1932)

Paavo Tynell - Table lamp (1950)

Casa Midy : Molecule Console Table - Inspired by a German educational model of a molecule...well, there's a surprise...K

Tanek stool - A traditional Japanese stool, encased in a block of solid acrylic resin...Interesting as an object, but not sure I'd want to try to move it around...nice though...K

Jacques Adnet : Leather and steel Lounge chairs (1950)...K

Pavel Janek : The Crystalline Box - An excellent example of Czech Moderism with a good portion of Cubism in the mix...K

Manoteca : 'Il Fausto' - A long-forgotten tricycle, reborn as the perfect book rack and occasional lamp for hip loft-living. I have to confess, I do have a soft spot for this, even if just to know what adventures its previous owner had on it. Although, I think simply having in the room as the only source of light does lend it a slightly creepy vibe...K

Matthews Fan Company : Duplo Dinamico Celiing Fan - I would like three of these, in line, along the apex of my top floor, turning very slowly...K

SolosGlass - For some reason, I want to put this on a really slow, illuminated turntable and watch the lines play off each other, dancing around the walls...K