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harper's bazaar - 1972

'ten inventions inspired by science fiction: the innovators behind objects like the cellphone or the helicopter took inspiration from works like "star trek" and "war of the worlds"' - mark strauss, 2012 [smithsonian magazine; quicktime was inspired by star trek + 9 more inventions inspired by sci-fi]

the last pictures - trevor paglen, 2012 [the last pictures gathers 100 images, alongside four years’ worth of fascinating interviews paglen conducted with scientists, anthropologists, philosophers, and artists exploring the inherent tensions of our civilization as it brushes up against profound questions about existence, impermanence, and deep time]

images of the year 2000 - villemard, 1910 [link to set of chromolithographs from paris]

cosmic journey [vimeo video]

'computers in the home' - future cities: the world of the future, 1979

planet stories, 1952

untitled - hugo barros [society 6]

'world's first cupcake automat' [vending machine] - sprinkles, beverley hills, 2012

'house of the future' - disneyland, 1957 [torn down in 1967, constructed out of plastic]

the cloud, skyscraper project set for completion in 2016 [south korea] - mvrdv

'the right fit: on how the spacesuit was made' - rosten woo [review of nicholas de monchaux's spacesuit: fashioning apollo book]

barbarella comic strips and graphic novel - jean-claude forest [wikipedia entry]

barbarella - roger vadim, 1968 [film]

kinémax at futurescope amusement park, france - denis laming, 1987