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Shih Tzu puppy. Looks exactly like Abby when she was a puppy.

Shih Tzu puppy, 3 months old, sitting

Big yawn! ♥

how precious is this? Funny Photos - Kitty wash

A black frenchie sleeping with its tongue sticking out of its mouth.

Northern Pika! #socute

cute-animals-3 : theBERRY

10 Most Popular Myths about Dogs | Myth#05

10 Most Popular Myths about Dogs | The Planet of Pets

King Penguin Chick by Julien Beytrison: 'Oakum Boys' is the nickname for the brown juvenile King Penguins. (Picking oakum, a fiber such as hemp or jute obtained by unraveling old ropes was a job given in Victorian times to children and prisoners. The fiber was then tarred and used for caulking the seams of wooden ships.) #KIng_Penguin #Oakum_Boy

this dog is just too cool