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Pets I Want to Love On

Dog Pupsicles- chicken or beef broth. For those hot days when your pooch needs to cool down, and deserves a little something special

This photo is taken by Yun-Fei Tou, a Taiwanese photographer who takes pictures of dogs in the public animal shelter just before they are put down. In Taiwan many dogs are left on the street when their owners are no longer interested. When the dog is captured and put in a shelter they have 12 days before they are killed. The images are heartbraking and the dogs look right into your soul. Please adopt! This dog looks just like our Yoshi!

Taiwan tugo (Taiwan aborigine dog),They are hunting dogs bred by mountain tribes of Taiwan Aborigines, especially the Tayal and the Bunung

formosan mountain dog

Make your own pill pockets when you need to feed your dog some medicine.

Alaskan klee kai (aka mini husky)...They stay mini forever. I want one! SO CUTE