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Anthropologie. Too cute!!

Anthropologie - Mara Hoffman Jungle Bandeau Top

Beautiful drawing, want to attempt! Rose tattoo I want this on my lower back/hip for my great-grandma.

I really like a lot of outline work, I want to be like "noooo don't fill it in, it will look like any other generic rose tattoo!"

This is what I have wanted, but I wanted it on my arm. I like this spot WAY better.

Autism tattoo

Finger Tattoos | The 13 Kinds Of Tattoos We All Wanted In 2013

I wanna get this in memory of my grandpa and other relatives that have passed. Just put dates under one another

This is a tattoo of the hamsa, an image by many societies recognised as a sign of protection. So, great meaning and beauts as well.

Hot Side Rib Quote Tattoos for Girls - Big Side Rib Quote Tattoos for Girls

@Cate Nuanez Nuanez Boskee looks like something you could draw :) some cool framed drawing would be pretty awesome for our shop

I want a tattoo with my kids' names. I was going to do a dreamcatcher with their names written around it, kind of making up the leather wrapped around the edge. But maybe I'll do a feather for each of them and put their names in there. I don't know, I'll have to think about it. ~ Alicia