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Books Worth Reading

Books Should Be Free • free audio and e-books from the public domain to download -- children's section. This is a GREAT resource!

  • Jeff Byrnes

    If they cost someone money to produce and distribute why should they be free?

  • Kelley W

    It's just the name of the website. These are all public domain books

  • MaryLu McFall

    I have several editions of this book, and both movies that were made.

  • Roberta Barth

    "The Secret Garden", the first big book I read, thanks to my oldest sister who one day declared I was old enough to read real books, starting a lifetime love of reading.

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A recipe book for popsicles. We just got this as a gift, it's great!

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The Nightgown of the Sullen Moon. Beautifully illustrated and a lovely and unique story.

Penguin THREADS Classics illustrated by Jillian Tamaki. Beautiful.

  • Karen Clayton

    I lost my heart and soul to Mason Davis and the Rise of the Storm Makers.

I loved these books

  • Kathryn Milton

    I do, too. The princess is so practical. She knows what she wants and she leads her life instead of just complaining about things not being right. I still want to finish this series.

a classic, and still great

  • melissa | julia's bookbag

    I love this one! And I'd forgotten about it!

  • Kelley W

    I read a bunch of Edward Eagers' books to my daughter when she was younger, and she doesn't remember them anymore. I'm trying to convince her to read them on her own now that she is old enough!

  • Kristen Bancroft

    I used to read a chapter of a book to my kids before bed and then they would want to read the rest themselves.

This is a beautiful book to read to your child before bed. Would make a great gift to new parents too.

We enjoyed this series too. Read a few years ago.

I've read these books to my daughter more than once. We love Betsy-Tacy!

  • melissa | julia's bookbag

    The Betsy-Tacy books were my absolute favs when I was young -- can't wait for my daughter to be old enough for them!

  • Kelley W

    Aren't they wonderful? I didnt know they existed when I was a little girl but I know I would have loved them then too!

  • Lori Clark

    My mother read these as a child. I've been reading them to my students almost every year I've been teaching. They're magical!

  • Jeannie Heptig

    I love these books and recently reread them.

  • Kristen Bancroft

    I loved these books growing up and I still love them. The high school books are great too, although she might not want them yet.

First book I read by Sheri S Tepper, and still my favorite. Hard to get now unfortunately

a yellow raft in blue water. so good.

One of my all time favorites...

My family enjoyed this book

blueberries for sal

  • April Renee Burge

    oh my GOSH! i LOVED this book when i was little. it was at my mema's house. i wish we still had this. i wonder what happened to it. i must have overlooked it at the estate sale. :(

  • Kristen Bancroft

    I used to eat all my blueberries when we went out to pick them, too.

The little prince.

The House of the Scorption - Nancy Farmer

The Borrowers. great series I loved as a kid and have read to my daughter