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  • Katie Quimby

    totally don't believe this, I work my butt off and I am the unluckiest person alive!

  • Paul Oguns

    Interesting, I don't believe in luck, but I do believe that hard work and perseverance in eventually rewarded

  • Pekka Uotila

    Well, in a positive sense to me this means "The more I practise, the better chance I have to succeed" Things that one can think of happen due "the good luck" might happen easier. XD !

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The Grand Budapest Hotel - Flat Illustration by Lorena G

The Grand Budapest Hotel - Flat Illustrations by Lorena G

Ma maman et moi, illustré par Yusuke Yonezu (également lillustrateur de Avant aller au lit)

"Gracias". Sophie Ledesma.

Sophie Ledesma • Gallery | Galleries

: the great outdoors.

The Great Outdoors | Nicework Blog

Spirited Away Alphabet Movie Poster by Meagan Hyland.

Alphabet Movie Posters

From Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables
  • Roberta Barth

    hmm, I don't remember this from Anne of Green Gables, guess I'll have to watch it all again...not a hardship...

Greenpeace Oceans Poster

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