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I've worked too hard to be who I am.

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I deeply miss the days when I could do this.

About - | NO MORE is a new unifying symbol...

About - | NO MORE is a new unifying symbol...

I am not anxious. I am just extremely well educated about all the things that can go catastrophically wrong.

This makes much more sense than feeling the negative connotations when others say I'm too sensitive.

So many can relate to this! I know for years & years I hid behind that smile and when ask "how are you doing" I'd always say "GREAT". Only if I could have felt comfortable about how I really was feeling to say. Sad to say, but I still do the same to this day outside the comfort of my doors at home where I can be real and cry in pain.

I feel like this is something dad would time for me because he likes timing how long I can be quiet

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I can get these made locally & also cheaper than the site that sells them. anyone want one??? Great to be a TN Vol!!!

True. No one knows my struggle, how I have built myself back up from the ashes to be stronger. No one knows but me, like no one knows you, but you.