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The Give & Take series by Kelli Maine

Board for Kelli Maine's USA Today bestselling erotic romance, Taken, and its sequels: No Take Backs: A Taken Novella, now available! Taken By Storm, Given and others to come. Add to Goodreads: Follow Kelli on Facebook, Twitter and her blog,

Taken Inspired Necklace Turtle Tear Island by klockwerkkreations

My inspiration for Turtle Tear

mermaid fountain

Jaunts and Journeys with DJ: Bellingrath Gardens

Jordana Brewster - Rachael DeSalvo - Taken by Kelli Maine

Honeysuckle - MJ and Maddie - Taken By Storm

12/18 Teaser from Taken By Storm by Kelli Maine

Taken fun fact: Taken was originally titled TAKEN BY SEVEN, written in 2007 and was a paranormal romance--and the first novel I ever wrote. Orlando Bloom was my Merrick.

Robert Downey Jr. as Enzo Rocha - The Give & Take series by Kelli Maine


  • Katie Ashley

    I'm giggling like an immature teenager right now at the vag allusions!!

  • Kelli Maine

    Hahaha! That's why Merrick gives calla lilies to Rachael in Taken.

  • Katie Ashley

    I remembered and that's why I was giggling!! Loved that scene!! Naughty, naughty boy!!

Crystal Reed - Mystery Woman in Taken By Storm

Lock and Key To My Heart Stainless Steel Ring - a sterling silver ring

Tyler Posey --- KELLI MJ!! Taken By Storm!!

tyler posey ♥--- FOR KELLI MJ!! Taken By Storm