funny "nail" toothpicks and "saw" knife- tool themed party supplies

$1.11 youth safety goggles (with 10% discount)

$1.72 youth safety goggles

$2.55 for 3/4" square x 36" long hardwood dowels

Giant kid-sized cutouts $10.99 dozen less 25% bulk discount for orders over 100.00

$0.28 or less - carabiners

Could get about 6 out of each piece if sliced - for hammer tops - about 20 cents each piece when cut up

Foam bricks - in gray/brown - could slice and use for hammer tops - $6.06 for about 10-12 tops

Could use foam sanding block for top of hammer?

Carve-able foam - 4"x6"x12" for hammer - could cut horizontally and then sliced - for about 20 hammer tops per block? $8.99

Foam blocks for hammers

hammers out of table legs and blocks of wood

$1.20 plain tape measure

$15 for 12 substantial wood crosses (plain) for decorating

wooden hearts for crafting - to go inside rocks

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