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Diamond ring Marry me hand painted mug for wedding by PaintMyName, $25.00 =========== This is the most unique way to ask someone to marry them. cute!!!

Please give her a treat She's sweet and she's a good girl People, Please adopt Pit Bulls and Black Cats they need forever loving homes

She knows how to open the treat drawer...

This would be a turtle having its underside tickled with a toothbrush

applehead-chihuahua, so cute!!! I want!!

Siberian pet foxes. For the home.

Amazing story about baby koala's life in pictures

Baby Koala Life Story Photo | LOL me

Duplex Dog House Design too bad my dogs would never be outside enough to use it

Duplex Dog House Design

Husky Puppies... I want one!


10 Ways To Tell If You're Too Obsessed With Your Friends

alone, believe, black and white, cartoons - inspiring picture on

Stitch. In pajamas. Cuddling a turtle. You will never again see anything as cute. Done.

Stitch / iFunny :)

Ahh, I don't know how to handle this level of deepness from Disney.

Mind Blown on Intergalactic Levels

Fun because, as a girl, I get to pin original artwork based on a Disney movie. I love this one because Stitch loves the King! :)

Beautiful Piece Of Work

Lilo & Stitch... i love this kid!! One day, I will have a stuffed animal Stitch... ♥

Stitch and frog by Sasha Vinogradova, via Behance. Of all the Disney movies I get most emotial watching Lelo and Stitch. His loneliness strikes deep.


Don't ever hurt a dog or leave it, they will always love their person no matter what, and if you hurt him, you're just a horrible person.

Gray Wolf Pup Endangered Species Wildlife Rescue by Dave Welling