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The 50 Best Read-Aloud Chapter Books for Young Kids, education, reading, learning, kids

The 50 best read-aloud chapter books for young kids

GREAT ideas for "quiet boxes" for when naptime is a thing of the past. Quiet activities for tinies to do alone in their rooms.

What To Do When Naptime Ceases... - I Can Teach My Child!

What was the most fun thing you did today? Who do you want to spend time with tomorrow? Can you think of one person we can help tomorrow? What would be the most yummy breakfast you could have in the morning? How many times do you think you smiled today? What kind of dream do you think you might have? Would you like to join me in a prayer?

7 Things to Ask Your Toddler at Bedtime | Stay At Home Susie

Easy Arts And Crafts For The Fourth Of July – 4th Of July Independence Day Crafts Kids Projects For The Fourth | The Independence Day

Kids Fireworks Craft Using a Dish Brush - Great 4th of July or Memorial Day art project!

Kids Fireworks Craft Using a Dish Brush - Sassy Dealz

Some really fun activities for three year olds.

Top Ten Activities for Three Year Olds - Dirt and Boogers

The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide: Preschool Activities This is a GREAT site. She has so many clever and easy ways to work with your preschooler and have fun at the same time.

Valentine Crafts for Kids - Heart Wreath

Month of February~ add 1 heart each day with something you love about your child. Each morning they see a new heart!

Someone now thinks light up shoes are awesome...oh boy.

Tangled Pascal The Chameleon Paper Craft...someone I know would adore this. :)

Rainy for magnetic letters in the bath tub -- great activity for winter days. This site has SO many fun things for kids to do!!"

Spice painting. Raid your spice cabinet for old spices (no hot spices) and bring a bottle or two of white glue. I poured a bit of glue into tiny plastic cups and added water to dilute it, then we let the kids help add the spices to the glue. Then the fun began! Hit the dollar store for cheap spices and glue!

Great patterns on this blog. my little one would probably not keep the headband on's adorable.