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Funny Pictures Of The Day - 103 Pics

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 103 Pics

True... I laugh every time at this part, and the kids I watch are like "what the heck is wrong with cassie?"

79 Tumblr Threads Of Absolute Random Hilarity [December Edition]

People think that because we talk at work, we're friends. Negative, Bitch. I'm just trying to keep my job.

haha. So glad I never had this drama, but this one is actually kind of funny.

Collection of Poems Missing you - Wattpad

ecard - You're the kind of friend I text when I'm pooping and need something to do.

Autocowrecks - ecard - ecard

Random Funny Pictures – 65 Pics

Random Funny Pictures - 65 Pics

So hilarious ^-^ LOL

Funny Dogs Who Forgot How To Dog - 16 Pics

hahaha!!!!!! yep, pretty much!!

Funny Pictures - 45 Pics

I laughed so hard!

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 75 Pics

These are making me laugh out loud literally

26 Reasons Why Parents Should Never Text.

I been using my cup holders wrong all this time...

Pup holders... - The Meta Picture


Where are you taking me?

can't stop laughing!! haha. That's what he gets for saying that.

He has a lot of nerve…