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Just dance...

We celebrate the female dance form so often in the non-dancing world. This is one of the most beautiful examples of the human body in male form.

WARRIOR predominant constitution manifests a predominance of muscle, bone, connective tissue, and circulatory system. There is a squareness and hardness of body, prominent bones and muscle. Males often have large trunk, large chest with narrow waist, prominent cheek bones, heavy square jaw, and thick, coarse, porous skin like that of an orange.

this picture shows how dance now has evloved into hosting conventions and competions. This tilt shows how this is what you society considers you to be a good dancer. Tricks may be cool, but they only show that you're flexible. The basics really show who is a good dancer and who isn't.

Love this. Energy and grace running from her core all the way through the tips of her fingers. Talked about that in my ballet class last night. :)

I love pas de deux!

Ballet is the most exciting, painful and beautiful thing that will ever occur in your life

don't miss a chanse to danse!