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Manifesting123 paperback, audio book and ebook

This is not another manifesting book, but a profound, new book with fundamental information. Learn how your thoughts actually form up in the field around you. This changes everything! Learn how to off load the fear and worry in your life, then put it to work for you. Follow the stories from readers: sign up for the newsletters at Amazon 5-stars! Recent comments from readers: "This is brilliant!" "His insight and vision contained in his book will change your life forever"

Can Anyone Manifest a Big List? Just Watch! Recently I wanted to go to a conference in Utah but getting the money and time off from my husband’s job was a big problem. To make things worse, my car was no longer drivable. It was the engine and it was looking like a full replacement. I have a couple of good friends, Dave and Carol. They told me if you want something, ask for it. more story:

Can Anyone Manifest a Big List? Just Watch! | Manifesting 123

The Inspiration Show with Natalie Ledwell Video interview 13 1/2 minutes In Natalie's interview with author Ken Elliott, he covers why his book Manifesting 123 contains breakthrough information that changes everything you have ever heard about Manifesting or the Law of Attraction. Ken covers the 123 topics and explains how easy it is for anyone. You are already the expert. You have already been manifesting all your life. Find out how your thoughts come into form in the unseen world around you.

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