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Manifesting123 paperback, audio book and ebook

This is not another manifesting book, but a profound, new book with fundamental information. Learn how your thoughts actually form up in the field around you. This changes everything! Learn how to off load the fear and worry in your life, then put it to work for you. Follow the stories from readers: sign up for the newsletters at Amazon 5-stars! Recent comments from readers: "This is brilliant!" "His insight and vision contained in his book will change your life forever"

You deserve Happiness! www.Manifesting12...

Dare to Dream with Deborah Dachinger and Ken Elliott Deborah says, "The Author’s Technique is “The Secret” On Steroids This is a very enjoyable audio interview that gets to the heart of why Manifesting 123 is an important book. Ken and Deborah discuss the fundamental information regarding how your thoughts work and conquering your worries. deborahdachinger....

When Life Gets Sour Sweeten it With Gratitude

How Easy. I Manifested Getting that $20,000 Check I’ve had some amazing successes with Manifesting 123 so I have stayed with it. I’m so happy to share what just happened. My husband has been thinking of retirement for some time, but we needed a bit more of a financial cushion, $20,000. OK, I’ve had my good Manifesting outcomes and your newsletter is full of bigger stories, so I went for it. more story:

How Easy. I Manifested Getting that Check | Manifesting 123