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Kendall McCollum
Kendall McCollum
Kendall McCollum

Kendall McCollum

A man gives a woman a helping hand as she takes a flying leap over a large puddle on the pavement. © Keystone/Getty Images pleated skirt :)

You will always hold a special place in my heart! I will love you till I cant love anymore! I learned so much and grew up in your arms, but its time to move one and letting go of you is the only way.

Explanations are stories we tell ourselves. They explain the way we are. Not the subject at hand.

So true. You must give yourself time to work/deal with whatever you're going through. Cry it out and then pray it up to the name above all names and let He heal you!

Hey girl hey!

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Marilyn Monroe

Trust no bitch, fear no man.

Poor Marilyn Monroe that people would use her piks like this.

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So true. What asshole guys are all they think about is fucking other girls while in a relationship. Man whore you are. Go be with your slut you guys make a perfect match. HIV your way......

ha... love how boys cheat on there girlfriends... girl code !!!STAY AWAY lol... and boys..... love how your t wife lies and cheats on their HUSBAND!! yuck... can you BE anymore TRASHY!!!

Why dont we skip all the bullshit, and you just tell me now what brand of asshole you are.

Truth is... You're the reason why I don't believe in love anymore.

Maybe because he wasn't entertaining at all so you got bored first then he did

The whole world can think you are such a nice guy But I know the truth. You lead on, took advantage of and crushed a good woman who truly loved you.

the more they claim to be different, the bigger the liar. if they are different, they will show you, not tell you

Why are some guys complete assholes?!? ex wives are so crazy..too funny, since we don't want you anymore, don't attempt to contact unless we have to, and you're no longer worth our time! Keep dreaming to boost your pathetic egos! Losers!

Men are so fucking dumb.

ain't that the truth #assholes assholes disguised as a nice guy, are the worst guys!