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Kendall Yeomans

Kendall Yeomans

Blow bubbles with your gum. Take photographs. Have fun. Have fun.

Love this idea for an art/writing project. Students can draw themselves and write about themselves...

cinder block furniture #diy shelves #painted #cinderblocks #bookshelves made from painted pink cinder blocks #concrete blocks

  • Shari White

    funny Brooke but once you fill the shelves up they wont want to climb! #organization

  • Kim Wilson

    turn the blocks around and you can put little objects in the holes

  • Brooke Prime

    Filling the shelves isn't going to stop a curious toddler from trying to climb. But as long as the L-shaped hooks are used to hold the shelves in place and the blocks can't be pulled out, it should be fine. I just hope anyone who tries this, does take safety precaution for children.

  • Ashley Oesterle

    lol climbing is for trees not for shelves just smack em

  • Shari White

    Kim, I have little objects and other objects I dont want found so easily tucked away in these holes! I really need to get another picture of these shelves pinned. I really love the way they look in my bedroom but even better they are a great way to keep my books and other nicknacks displayed. @Ashley Walters I agree smack those little hands trying to climb up these #Cinderblock shelves!

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This is possibly the greatest photo on the internet.

a pair of Valentino beauties | Photography by Read more - www.stylemepretty...

Anne Hathaway's Rap - Oh. My. God this is the best thing I've ever seen!!! Just watch and enjoy! you will LOL she opens her mouth and the LAST thing i would expect came out!

3 Piece Vermont Nesting Table Set

Every new country she goes to, she gets colored in. Epic.