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Smart Idea When Going To The Beach

  • Mattie Bond

    lol this wouldn't work at a California beach. Within a minute of setting it down you'd have a swarm of environmentalists on your case for putting a diaper on the ground. Hahahaha

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 92 Pics

2013-2014. Here is the brand new list of names for baby girls that rose through the ranks the MOST RAPIDLY this past year. They are Everly, Daleyza, Mabel, Dallas, Saige, Azalea, Jayla, Juniper, Kora, Kendra, Wren, Monroe, Rayna, Milana, Leona, Emilie, Henley, Sutton, Remi, Aurelia, Celine, Ariyah, Malaya, Alma, Blair, Tegan, Blake, Carter, Mercy, and Hattie. You have reality stars, old classics, new botanicals, vintage favorites, unique updates, and sleek unisex choices. New data, hooray!

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 83 Pics