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Hair Picture Tutorials

Great Hair Tutorials | Kenra Professional Inspiration

Headband tutorial using Kenra Volume Spray 25

Deconstructed Accent Braid Tutorial

Hair Romance - Easy braided bun hair tutorial

A low braided bun that looks hot in the day and at night.

Create 2 sections in the front sides leaving the rest of the hair free. Tease entire head using Kenra Platinum Working Spray 14, leaving out front 2 sections. Split free section horizontally at the middle of the head. Gradually smooth & pin entire bottom section under to create a faux bob. For a smooth look use Recovery Polish to finish the bob. Comb over top half of hair, roll under & pin to secure. Create a braid for each of the final 2 front sections & pin back covering the horizontal part.

Create this ponytail by first curling the hair using a wand & Kenra Platinum Hot Spray 20. Tease the crown then part hair at the crown. Put back section into a low ponytail, leaving out front pieces. Twist left half of crown section and pin into right side of pony. Repeat with right side. Tease front pieces, twist, and pin to opposite sides of the ponytail. Finish with Kenra Volume Spray 25.

Center-Part Side Wave Hairstyle. | Kenra Professional Hairstyle How-To. Tutorial.

Braided Ponytail. How-To. Tutorial. | Kenra Professional Hairstyle Inspiration.

Ponytail Tutorial. How-To | Kenra Professional Hairstyle Inspiration.

Put a bun in your hair....using a sock! Updo. | Kenra Professional Hairstyle Inspiration.

The coiled bun hairstyle | Kenra Professional Hairstyle Inspiration.

Updo from Michelle King Edwards Prep hair w/ Kenra Dry Shampoo & light back-brushing. Take 4-in. section in the center-back of the head & create smooth ballet-style bun, using an elastic & bobby pins to hold in loose edges. Start pulling pieces & bring them to the opposite side, pinning as you go. Apply Kenra Silkening Gloss to hands & gently pull back top sections, pinning where the hair meets the bun & concealing pins under bun. Finish w/ Kenra Volume Spray 25. | Kenra Professional

How to do the twist braid. | Kenra Professional Hair Inspiration. Hairstyles

The Sideways French Twist Tutorial. Updo. | Kenra Professional Hair Inspiration. Hairstyles

Hair How-To, Tutorial. Quick and Easy Bun and Pompadour Hairstyle -- Jazz up a simple ponytail with a bun with a pompadour to help you feel more glamorous without the hours in front of the mirror. | Kenra Professional Hair Inspiration. Hairstyles www.naturallycurl...

Kenra Holiday Twist. How-To. Tutorial | Kenra Professional Hair