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Kenra Smooth™

Photos of Kenra Smooth. Our new complete professional smoothing system. | Kenra Professional

Kenra Smooth works on all hair types, eliminates up to 99% of curl and frizz, and lasts up to 60 shampoos!

Kenra Smooth works on all hair types, eliminates up to 99% of curl and frizz, and lasts up to 60 shampoos!

Don't let April showers and humidity keep you indoors this spring. Schedule your Kenra Smooth™ service today and eliminate up to 99% of curl and frizz!

"Brandi S. did the Kenra Smooth on my hair today! Both pictures, before & after, were finger dried with a blow dryer! This specific smoothing treatment has so many amazing benefits over many other smoothing treatments. One of them being the "3 day" rule doesn't apply. It's so gentle on the hair you can clip up, put in a hair tie, wash, or even do a color service immediately after the smoothing without harming the hair or the process! Love, love, LOVE! ~Taylor B.

April showers bring May flowers, but they don't have to bring frizzy hair. Kenra Smooth™ eliminates up to 99% of curl and frizz after the first application and will leave you with smooth, soft hair with radiant shine for up to 60 shampoos!

Kenra Smooth work by @Krazy Beautiful

Start the spring season off with smooth, frizz-free hair. Ask your stylist about Kenra Smooth™ today! Before/after image by Ashley Walls.

Kenra Smooth Anti-Frizz Oil smooths the hair cuticle, reducing frizz for up to 48 hours.

Kenra Smooth system

Kenra Smooth and Color Retouch! Completely transformed this thick coarse unruly hair into a manageable soft sleek style with versatility! ~By Becky Marinich

Kenra Smooth system by Aimee at Studio 107. Before and after. No straightener needed in final look!

Kenra Smooth™ is nominated for Favorite Chemical Smoothing Product/System in the 2014 Stylist Choice Awards!

"I absolutely love [the] Kenra Smooth treatment. I have used several others and nothing compares to this. The integrity of the hair was not compromised and had perfect shine." ~Image and quote from Falicia Bobst

Kenra Smooth by Kristi Blanson

Kenra Smooth 2 months after the service. Done by stylist Kristi Blanson.

Kenra Smooth™ Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner are ideal for smoothing any hair type and are highly recommended to prolong the benefits of the Kenra Smooth service. Learn more at

Kenra Smooth™ Anti-Frizz Oil

Kenra Smooth

Kenra Smooth done by Cassidy at Scissor Excitement

Kenra Smooth before and after. #Kenra At The Hair Closet

Kenra Smooth and Demi color line. 5rb and 6r with 9 volume. #Kenra #Smooth #Kenracolor

Before & after Kenra Smooth

Kenra Smooth Treatment! In the after picture, the hair has no product in it.

  • Trevor

    I think this is the first time I've ever seen a keratin smoothing collage like this. It definitely shows what exactly is happening rather than just after they leave the salon with pin straight hair

  • Kenra Professional

    @trevorbudgen This image shows the versatility of Kenra Smooth really well. Kenra Smooth will reduce curl and frizz and give clients the ability to wear their hair natural with more manageability, or they can more easily blow-dry their hair into a sleek style!

  • Trevor

    I know and its great! Makes curly hair so much more manageable! :)

Another Kenra Smooth transformation.. (Left) before Kenra Smooth (Center) after Kenra Smooth blown dry with a paddle brush (Right) after Kenra Smooth flat ironed in large sections