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Commute home was brutal. Then I got home to a wonderful surprise in the mail from @wngfoot.

Twitter / oceanbound: Commute home was brutal. Then ...

How much effort is it to Integrate Pin to Pinterest into a Website and App?

Why the chicken crossed the Moebius strip.

Twitter / GeorgeTakei: For you nerds out there. ...

This fake leaked "Star Wars" film set footage is even better than the real thing:

Twitter / FastCoCreate: This fake leaked "Star Wars" ...

Ernie Hsiung's GitHub profile.

ErnieAtLYD (Ernie Hsiung)

Aren't ordinary people adorable?

You’re all so adorable…

Glassholes out in force at Google IO.

Twitter / isaach: meanwhile at google i/o ...

Hello, would you like to hear a TCP joke?

Twitter / casheeew: Hello, would you like to hear ...

Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya! You killed my father! Prepare to-- URK!

Oberyn Martell - A Wiki of Ice and Fire

Standard Rules of Time Court (typo removed).

Avery Edison (aedison) on Twitter

Here's a three-inch-hight AT-AT, built from one of the Fascinations laser-cut metal kits. Super fun, but make sure you have: patience, steady hands, a magnifying glass on a stand, an X-ACTO knife, and a sharp pair of needlenose pliers.

The Legend of Hodor

Star Wars Original Newspaper Ad

What do they call a quarter-pounder with cheese on Alderaan? Nothing! They're all dead!